Bach Remedies A complete system of 38 flower and plant based remedies to encourage emotional wellbeing in our everyday lives.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling

“If you allow yourself to be the person you are

then everything will come into rhythm,” Eckhart Tolle


How can Psychotherapeutic Counselling help?

This approach recognises the importance of the unconscious and past experience in shaping current behaviour, drawing upon a number of counselling models to find the right approach to suit each client. 

Transactional Analysis is a comprehensive approach that incorporates aspects of other modes of therapy.  It uses the ego state model to help with understanding what may be behind difficult or challenging relationships, with others and with ourselves.

A Person-Centred approach allows clients to freely express any emotions and feelings.  This allows you to come to terms with the negative feelings that may be causing emotional problems, and facilitates the development of personal skills.  The objective is for you to see yourself as a person with power and freedom to change.

Sometimes it can be hard to talk to people close to you.  Talking to a counsellor enables you to work through situations in a confidential, safe and non-judgemental environment.

 Who is it for?

Everyone can experience difficulties or distress in their lives.  Counselling can help when you are coping with, for example, depression, anxiety, sadness, stress, anger, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, bereavement and grief.

What happens during a session?

In the first session you will have the opportunity to discuss what has brought you to counselling and what you hope to gain from it.  You will be encouraged to talk about your current situation and personal history.  We will discuss and agree what you would like to achieve from therapy.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different and the length of time it takes to achieve your goal will depend upon the nature and depth of the subject you choose to address.  The number of sessions needed will be discussed and agreed individually. 

Weekly sessions are usually recommended and they last for 50 minutes. 

(Allow up to 90 minutes for initial consultation.)

Session costs

Single sessions - £35

7 sessions booked as a treatment plan - £30 per session.

Where can I have a counselling session?

Counselling sessions are available with Sandy at the Coach House therapy room adjacent to  Berry's Farm Shop & Cafe, Swinithwaite, Wensleydale. DL8 4UH

To enquire about Counselling with Sandy

t: 07473 888120  e:

Sandy Campbell studied with Northern Guild Psychotherapy (NGP) and follows the  NGP code of ethics.  She holds professional indemnity insurance and a current clear Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate.

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